Life in the Lab
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Pets of Bissig Lab
Congrats to this year's grads!
Lots of change coming this summer to the Bissig Lab with many students graduating.
The New Tong Chen
Alex stood in for Tong at the Peds Retreat
Pediatrics Retreat 2023
Madeline presenting at the Peds Retreat
Pediatrics Retreat 2023
Franklin getting his first experience at a poster session.
Lunch anyone?
Dimi and Gordon meeting over lunch
ESGCT 2022
Madeline checking out the different vendors at ESGCT
Hello Dolly!
Madeline living every geneticist's dream and 'meeting' Dolly the Sheep a the ESGCT 2022 Congress
International Workshop on Humanized Mice
Bea accepted the Young Investigator Award on behalf of Mercedes and herself in Japan
Exploring the Culture
Mercedes and Dimi experiencing some German culture at SSIEM 2022
SSIEM 2022
Dimi presenting at SSIEM on our work with GA-1
Girl-Bossing at SSIEM 2022
Priya, Jennifer, Areeg and Mercedes are taking Freiberg by storm!
SSIEM 2022
Mercedes, Priya, and Jennifer have arrived at SSIEM in Freiberg
How do you Meme?
Tong and Mercedes having some fun at ASGCT before getting to work!
ASCGT 2022
Dimi presenting at the 2022 ASGCT Conference
Watch out ASGCT
The group exploring DC
Conference Travel
Tong presented at the 2022 ASGCT Conference
Conference Travel
Mercedes and Tong have arrived at ASCGT!
Conference Travel
Tong received a travel award to present at the 2022 ASGCT conference
Pediatrics Research Retreat 2022
Mercedes presenting her work on GA-1
Meet Mia, Sabrina's Westie pup.
Meet Vincent, Alex's very cuddly boy.
Meet Nova, one of Madeline's two cats.
Meet Manuela, Mercedes's cat.
Dimi got a dog!
Meet Ragusa, the Bissig family dog
Congratulations Dr. Furey
Dr. Nika Furey completed her defense, recieving her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Baylor College of Medicine.
Farewell Celeste
Celeste's farewell dinner to wish her good luck on beginning residency at Cleveland Clinic.
Farewell Frank
The lab went out to dinner to celebrate Frank's new job and say farewell to this important member of our lab.
Farewell Frank!
We said goodbye to Frank with drinks at Valhalla in Houston. He is moving on to begin a job at Spark Therapeutics.
Bissig Lab
The earlier Bissig group at Baylor College of Medicine